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Cognate teams have performed numerous successful technology transfers for our clients' cell therapy products in different clinical trial & pre-commercial phases. Our systematic and strategic approach to the tech transfer process and cell therapy manufacturing has helped us successfully streamline cell therapy development & production processes within our facilities without impacting our client's goals or creating significant delays. Of utmost importance, we don’t take the project over and claim ownership of the cell therapy product, or any of the IP needed to manufacture it. It’s your product, your process, and your data to do with as you want.

As part of the tech transfer process, pre-GMP batches are executed to provide Cognate the training and development opportunity to better understand the process and testing. Additionally, these batched provide our clients with the confidence that the transferred process is ready for GMP production and beyond. This approach provides our teams with the knowledge and training to execute GMP production in a quick and efficient manner and support our clients and their patients. 








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