cognate-bioservices-logo-full-color-rgbVIEW OUR 2021 SUSTAINABILITY INITIATIVES


Cognate BioServices, Inc. (the “Company”) is committed to continually improving our environmental performance and sustainable development. Our three main areas of focus are: (1) economic, (2) social, and (3) environmental. To foster economic, environmental and social sustainability, the Company complies with Federal, State and local legal requirements applicable to our business and which impact the environment. We educate our employees and third parties with whom we do business about our practices to help ensure we meet our goals.

Economic Sustainability

Supports infrastructure that stimulates economic prosperity, promotes economic development and is cost effective and efficient. The Company,

  • When possible, incorporates measures to increase energy efficiency and other sustainability initiatives into any new build projects, including use of alternative energy sources, such as solar power
  • Avoids physically traveling to meetings where alternatives are available and practical, such as using teleconferencing, video conferencing or web cams, and uses efficient timing of meetings to avoid multiple trips where possible
  • Endeavours to use vendors practicing and/or supporting similar interests to the Company’s sustainability policy
  • Endeavours to purchase “eco credits” for travel and, seeks to use a hybrid vehicle for transportation of equipment or materials among Company facilities

Social Sustainability

Provide a network that improves the health and quality of life for the people who work for and with the Company. Consider basic needs of diverse employees and give back to the communities by encouraging volunteering and donations. The Company,

  • Provides employee benefits and opportunities through philanthropy, matching donations and volunteerism that foster sustainability under our “Cognate Cares” program attached as Annex I.
  • Fosters a collaborative culture to maximize the expertise and abilities of employees, with teams that use innovative approaches to our work
  • Considers the impact we have on the local community and respond to any concerns
  • Invests in our community through charitable giving and volunteerism

Environmental Sustainability

Plan and implement an atmosphere that broadly considers ecosystem and climate impacts, endeavours to reduce and prevent waste and pollution, use renewable resources and sustainable sources of energy, and reduces energy consumption. The company,

  • Considers the environmental impacts of our operations and sustainable resource usage
  • Prevent pollution and reduce carbon emissions by working to minimise our use of valuable resources and the production of waste
  • Works to divert materials from the landfill or combustion by recycling, donating, reselling, or reusing, while aiming to reduce our consumption when possible
  • Commit to continuous improvement by setting, monitoring and reviewing environmental objectives and targets
  • When possible, use safe laboratory waste collection, recycling, and disposal practices and practice environmentally responsible manufacturing and foster sustainability initiatives

Sustainability Education

Informs employees, clients and vendors about sustainable interfacing/travel options, helping them make more sustainable decisions and supports them in their choices. The Company,

  • Promotes environmental awareness and dialogue relating to environmental matters and responsibilities

The Company expects that each employee will follow the above practices to ensure that the Company meets its sustainability goals and welcomes ideas from team members about how we can continuously improve our sustainability practices.


Cognate Cares Program 

Cognate Cares is our community engagement program. Through Cognate Cares, we live our Platinum Rule of treating others, as they want to be treated. We know that our jobs save patients’ lives – but saving lives does not stop when we leave the office. Through our Cognate Cares program, we connect our employees to opportunities to serve the communities we serve. Our objective is to make our communities better places to live and work though charitable giving and volunteering our time and skills.

Recent examples of our Cognate Cares actions include donations of personal protective equipment to healthcare workers in Memphis, donations to the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tennessee and to a relief fund to provide medical aid and other humanitarian relief for those injured and suffering in Beirut, Lebanon following the recent explosion.