Logistics, Supply Chain and Manufacturing Support Services

The development, manufacturing and use of cell and cell-mediated gene therapy products involve quite a few ancillary services, spanning testing, shipping, storage, logistics, primary tissue sourcing, scheduling and tracking among others. Cognate has experience with all aspects of managing the supply chain of living cellular products, both upstream and downstream. Cognate has worked with its clients and their tissue providers on the methods for isolation and handling at the clinical site, general sourcing such as with tumors, apheresis and leukapheresis donors, or umbilical cord sourcing, packaging, shipping, tracking and handling of such materials. Cognate can augment your supply chain, clinical operations, materials management and logistics departments to ensure the highest quality products make it to our site, and then ultimately back to your patients.

Additional examples of our services:

  • The isolation, expansion, packaging, release and delivery of living cellular therapies involves many ancillary services including but not limited to: supply chain integration, complex scheduling with several parties (clinical sites for example), temperature and/or controlled storage before during and after shipping, and various shipping and logistics providers as it pertains to different stages of product between the patient-to-patient pathway
  • Interfacing with additional CMO’s and/or regulatory agencies for global clinical trials and/or product roll-outs
  • Cognate can manage all aspects of the product development lifecycle. Please contact us for more detail on the services we  provide to our clients