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Cognate can manage all aspects of your product development lifecycle and associated supply chain, and we work with you to develop the right capabilities and services you need when you need them including scaling with you to meet your needs at the right time.

The most critical part of the supply chain in personalized medicine is the patient. This aspect is one that needs to be managed with the care and compassion that a person deserves. Cognate developed its culture around ensuring the patients' needs are kept prominent in our minds and operational procedures 24/7, 365 days a year.

We manage supply chain integration, complex scheduling with several parties (ie: apheresis centers, and clinics), temperature, and/or controlled storage before during and after shipping with various shipping and logistics providers as it pertains to different stages of a drug product between the patient-to-patient pathway. We also interface on your behalf with additional CMO’s and/or regulatory agencies for global clinical trials and/or product roll-outs, as well as liaise with patient collections facilities and clients CRO’s.


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