Memphis, Tennessee

· Over 20 US/EU cell therapy suites
· 300 employees
· US logistics hub for North America


Our 80,000+ square feet commercial-scale cGMP Compliant Manufacturing Facility in Memphis, TN, is within 10 minutes of the FedEx SuperHub, capable of servicing North America, South America, and Europe within 24 hours. Our world-class team of experts across all departments are able to leverage our commercial capacity for autologous and allogeneic cell and cell-mediated gene therapies. We have unparalleled experience in regenerative medicine, cell and gene immunotherapy fields, a diverse range of cell types and therapies, including but not limited to: CAR-T, TCR, MIL, DC, NK cell, MSC, hUC-MSC’s, gene-edited cells, and others.

We offer three suite configurations for our clients’ scalable needs:

  • Validated ISO 7 production containment suites that are US FDA compliant and can be used for cell therapy production or viral transduction.
  • Validated ISO 7 Grade B Production suites that are both US FDA and EU Annex 1 compliant for cell culture.
  • Validated ISO 7 Grade B Containment Production suites that are both US FDA and EU Annex 1 compliant for cell culture or viral transduction.

Our Memphis facility is located near several life science facilities, the University of Tennessee, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Our proximity to the North American distribution hub ensures drop-off of patient material in the evening and delivery anywhere in North America by the next morning and enables support of shipment to and from North America, South America, and Europe within a 24-hour window.

4600 East Shelby Drive
Suite 108
Memphis, TN 38118
p: 901.541.9800
f: 443.451.8211

Baltimore, Maryland

· Over 15 PD/AD staff
· Adjacent to BWI
· Life Science hub of Northeast Corridor


Located near Baltimore Washington International Airport is Cognate’s GLP laboratory facility containing our growing team of process and assay development experts, as well as a team focused on efficient technology transfer of the work performed in Baltimore into our GMP manufacturing units in Memphis. Our facility is geographically situated in Baltimore because of longstanding relationships with NIH, John’s Hopkins and the University of Maryland Medical Center as well as various biotechnology companies in the Eastern corridor.

2600 Cabover Drive
Suites E, F, G, & H
Hanover, MD 21076


Cobra - Keele, UK

  • 20-year track record in Gene Therapy
  • HQ & GMP Plasmid DNA
  • Viral Vector PD & GMP


Our Cobra Biologics International Centre of Excellence for ATMP Production, based on Keele Science Park in the UK, is dedicated to providing contract development and manufacturing services for both DNA and Viral Vectors from pre-clinical to clinical and commercial supply. With the Keele site founded in 1992 as a gene therapy company, and with 20+ years’ experience as a CDMO, Cobra has a unique knowledge base as both manufacturer and service provider for the global life sciences market.

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Centre of Excellence for ATMP Production - DNA and Viral Vectors
Cobra Biologics
Stephenson Building
Keele Science Park
t: +44 (0)1782 714181

Services Offered in Memphis, Tennessee

cGMP Cell Therapy Manufacturing

Cognate operates commercial-scale cGMP-compliant Cell Therapy Manufacturing Facilities in Memphis, TN, within 10 minutes of the FedExWorld Hub capable of servicing North America, South America and Europe.

Services Offered in Baltimore, Maryland

Assay Development & Optimization

Cognate can handle internally, or via a third party, all product characterization and release testing needs for cellular products. We have rapid release testing services, something that is critical with personalized therapies for fast turnaround.

Services Offered in Cobra - Keele, UK

Plasmid DNA Manufacturing

Our High Quality (HQ) offering adopts features of Cobra’s GMP manufacture, including RNase free, with a 6 week delivery time. HQ plasmid can be used as an ancillary or starting material for the clinical manufacture of immuno-oncology therapies, for example in AAV, lentiviral vector and CRISPR products.

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