Cognate has a long history of providing high-quality services to our clients and their patients with a core focus on safety and compliance. We have been inspected by multiple regulatory bodies throughout our nearly 20 years of operations, and maintain a stellar regulatory history. Since 2014, when Cognate started its first commercial expansion, the team has grown and developed into a cohesive body of experts with a wide range of experience across the pharmaceutical landscape, with a specific focus on the demanding and changing nature of cell and gene therapy products. Today, as a leadership team we bring significant 100+ years of combined experience from cell biology, cell therapy, gene therapy, cell and gene therapy and biologics manufacturing scale up and pharma-level quality standards to the table for our clients. We pride ourselves on our collaborative flexibility to deliver results tailored to our clients’ needs and where possible to meet or exceed, US & EU Regulatory Standards for Cell & Gene Therapy Products.

"Cognate is committed to the development and commercialization of next-generation living products of the highest quality for our clients’ patients."
- J. Kelly Ganjei, CEO