Cognate BioServices and FloDesign Sonics Announce Collaboration to Advance Acoustic Cell Processing as a Platform for Cell Therapy Manufacturing

Wilbraham, MA, September 4, 2018 – FloDesign Sonics, a global leader in acoustic cell processing for cell and gene therapies, and Cognate BioServices, a leading contract development and manufacturing organization (“CDMO”) in the global cellular therapies industry, today announced a technology development collaboration agreement to advance the accessibility of life saving therapeutics.  This collaboration will advance the development of life saving therapeutics by improving manufacturing efficiencies using FloDesign Sonics’ Acoustic Cell Processing (ACP) platform.

ACP is a gentle and efficient approach to cell handling and cell selection for common applications including Acoustic Concentrate and Wash (ACW).  The system is designed as a closed, automated and modular platform utilizing a single-use cartridge tailored for each application.  FloDesign Sonics’ acoustic technology is configurable for additional operations across cell and gene therapy including Acoustic Affinity Cell Selection (AACS).  Technology development as part of this collaboration will be based on the application of FloDesign Sonics’ technology in conventional processes and will also be customized to meet Cognate BioServices’ specific client needs.

“Working with an organization like Cognate is exciting because it provides access to the customers who are currently tech transferring into clinical manufacturing and living with the real-world challenges this brings.  We believe the long-term value of acoustics is in its unique ability to close, automate, and simplify multiple process steps while maintaining a flexible platform that will work with a broad spectrum of processes.  Cognate’s expertise combined with our technology can accelerate the development of the platform to solve the manufacturing challenges we face as more and more of these amazing therapies become commercial”

-Chris Leidel, Chief Strategy Officer, FloDesign Sonics

Under this collaboration, Cognate will offer process development, training and tech transfer of processes incorporating FloDesign Sonics’ platform.  FloDesign Sonics’ experts in acoustics will provide application know-how and work as a partner to develop custom solutions bespoke for clients with unique processing challenges on an as needed basis.

“As we are working with a diverse base of clients on process development and manufacturing we focus intently on delivering the highest level of repeatable, quantitative, and qualitative isolation of certain cell populations. To balance these three requirements is often a challenge and we are excited to be working with FDS on addressing some of the critical pain points in the industry together.  We are confident that together we will be able to bring this technology forward in a robust manufacturing process in the near future.”

-J. Kelly Ganjei, CEO and Chairman, Cognate BioServices


About Cognate BioServices 
Cognate BioServices is a fully-integrated contract bioservices organization providing the highest level of scientific and management expertise. Cognate provides full development and cGMP manufacturing services to companies and institutions engaged in the development and manufacture of cell-based products. The combination of highly experienced staff, successful track records and cGMP facilities makes Cognate one of the most qualified contract manufacturers of cell-based products in the world today. Please visit for more information


About FloDesign Sonics

Founded in 2010, FloDesign Sonics develops acoustic technologies for the separation, concentration and purification of materials in an active fluid.  Our key focus area is cell therapy, helping to address manufacturing challenges related to the processing, separation and purification of CAR T cells from pre-clinical through production.  Our goal is to help industrialize cell therapies by addressing key areas of concern; manufacturing costs, product quality, scalability and simplification.  We apply acoustic cell processing technology to key applications such as concentrate and washing steps, affinity separation and cell harvest.   Please visit for more information.



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