Dear Clients, Colleagues and Collaborators of Cognate and Cobra,

In light of the evolving state of managing the COVID pandemic, Cognate and Cobra wanted to reassure our clients, and ultimately their patients, that we are an essential business, and having modified our schedules are working around the clock to deliver products as they are needed. We have also implemented a series of steps to maintain the safety of your products and our people, while ensuring we are able to produce products as usual and on demand.

In today’s environment, it is far from business as usual, but keeping the patient first and foremost in our minds is critical for the Cognate-Cobra family. Ensuring patients with unmet medical needs have access to your life changing products is what drives us. The leadership team is focused in parallel on making sure that our Cognate-Cobra family is safe and healthy so they are able to make your products.

As part of our business is the development and manufacturing of living therapeutic products, the starting materials often require human donors, whether that be from the patient’s themselves or from healthy donors. As such we would like to send a huge thank you from our entire team at Cognate and Cobra to all of the healthy donors who are still making their way to the donor centers. These donations are essential to a huge population of patients. Without these selfless donations, patients in need would not have access to life saving therapies. This makes you an essential part of our world.

We are incredibly grateful to our employees, consultants, and clients for “stepping up” during these challenging times to carry on their mission of delivering the highest quality products.

As COVID evolves in the next few weeks and months, we are increasingly concerned for our loved ones, those serving on the front lines of hospitals, those affected directly and indirectly by COVID, and our clients’ patients. However, we are reassured by the way in which people across the globe are coming together to rise to the occasion—and, further reassured that our business is strong—because of our people. Our now much larger, international team has come together to meet evolving conditions, and as always is making the patient first.

Stay safe, and rest assured that your Cognate and Cobra team are hard at work to ensure you are able to deliver on your commitments to your patients.


Your leadership team at Cognate BioServices and Cobra Biologics

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