Cognate is the premier commercial-ready CDMO for your cell and gene therapy needs. We are a dynamic, results-driven organization focused on providing the broadest range of expertise across the various cell types and technologies used in the commercialization of cell and gene therapy for regenerative medicine, cellular immunotherapy, and advanced cell therapy companies, organizations, and institutions.

We offer a unique combination of standard and custom services to companies across all points of clinical and commercial development. Our development and manufacturing services are focused on clients seeking rapid development of products from clinical studies into commercial manufacturing, with a unique capacity to handle all aspects of scale-up and commercial readiness.

Cognate leverages the combined know-how and expertise of its business, scientific and technical teams to successfully develop autologous and allogeneic products across multiple cell-based technology platforms from start to finish for you and your patients.

Our History

In our operating history we've successfully manufactured and delivered products to and from the US, EU and Asia, and we've handled all aspects of the supply chain, manufacturing, storage, shipping and clinical trial logistics, and regulatory support for protocol and IND development for complex products involving multiple drug substance Intermediates all the way to minimally manipulated primary cells.

  1. Cognate is established in Baltimore, MD


  2. Cognate's initial manufacturing of cellular immunotherapy products.


  3. Cognate BioServices acquires Memphis manufacturing facility.


  4. Cognate restarts manufacturing for large Phase III Dendritic Cell immunotherapy program, eventually manufacturing Drug Product and Placebo for late-phase autologous therapy supplying 86 clinical sites in North America, Canada, UK and Germany.


  5. First Institutional Investor. Added new capacity and systems for commercial cell therapies.


  6. New capacity comes on-line with more than 20 cell therapy suites and augments management team with commercial and large scale manufacturing experience.


  7. Cognate completes management-led buyout (MLBO) and Institutional Recap, further expands management team and expertise.


  8. Cognate secures further investment with EW Healthcare and begins further facility expansions. Acquires and sets the stage for further facility growth in Memphis and outside the US.


  9. Cognate BioServices Announces Acquisition of Cobra Biologics.


  10. Cognate manages increased manufacturing efficiency and productivity in the midst of COVID and commences virtual audit and virtual man in plant activities.


  11. Cognate expands to include an additional 50,000 square feet of warehouse, dedicated supply chain capacity, and training capacity in support of social distancing in Memphis


Our Culture

The Platinum Rule: Treat others as they want to be treated…

We understand that our jobs save patients’ lives. Critical to our success is our employees.


  • Recruit and retain the best talent in our industry
  • Treat employees with respect and dignity which includes an open door to listen at every level of the company
  • Train internal talent to succeed in their current role and develop them for future opportunities
  • Provide regular/timely communication, encouragement, support, and recognition from leadership across the company
  • Recognize and encourage diversity, inclusion, and equity...everyone has the opportunity to contribute
  • Provide compensation and benefits programs that support employees’ and their family’s needs
  • Have FUN!!
The Cognate core values are ethics, creativity and innovation, patients & clients, results oriented, empathy and humility, collaboration and teamwork, with a focus on quality

Cognate Insights